Welcome to Rosie's Farmstand

Family, farming, and a really sweet mule.

Welcome to Rosie’s Farmstand! In addition to stories about Rosie, we will be sharing about vegetable farming, running a farmstand, raising a farm kid, and some animal husbandry.  Stay tuned for stories, tips, and amazing photos!

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So Who's Rosie?

So who’s Rosie?  Rosie is a Belgian mule who stole my heart.  Rosie has some  lameness in her hind end, so she isn’t able to do any weight bearing work.   So, I adopted her and she will live out her life on our farm. 

She is  an absolute doll, and is now my “business partner”. 


About Me

I’m a mom. I’m a wife. I’m a farmer.  I’m a horse rescuer.

My husband, Jay, and I both work way too much.  Somehow we managed to make a pretty awesome little kid named Cody.  He is a full-fledged “get filthy, mud-covered,  rather-be-outside” farm kid.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Guinea Hens

Guinea Hens, Love or Hate?

Guinea Hens, Love or Hate? I LOVE guinea hens! They are comical to watch, noisy as heck, great watch dogs, and tick eating machines. My

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Contact Us

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Fresh vegetables

Visit the farmstand! You might even get to meet Rosie!

Rosie’s Farmstand sells fresh produce that is locally grown.  From sweet corn to tomatoes, blueberries to peaches, and peppers to onions, we keep a nice selection for fruits and veggies.

We’re located just around the corner from Rite-Aid on Route 119 in Winchester, New Hampshire.  

The farmstand is open seasonally.


126 Hinsdale Road, Winchester, NH 03470 (Around the corner from RiteAid on Rt 119.)

(603) 762-3266


CLOSED for the season. We will reopen June/July. Below are our normal operating hours:

Daily: 10am to 6pm