Guinea Hens, Love or Hate?

Guinea Hens, Love or Hate?

Guinea Hens, Love or Hate?

I LOVE guinea hens!

They are comical to watch, noisy as heck, great watch dogs, and tick eating machines.

Guinea Hens

My guinea hens always roost in the same tree in our yard. I would much prefer them to be in the chicken house, but they just won’t do it.  With the exception of a big snow storm, they will happily spend night after night in the same tree.

They even perform the same ritual of starting on our deck, flying up on to the rail, then up in to the tree.


One at a time. Every. Single. Night.

My guineas are tame enough to come running for snacks. Catching them is an entirely different story.  I would need to exhibit Olympic style speed and agility to make that happen.

Every once in a while I can pet one while it is stealing crunchies out of the cat dish. The cats don’t seem to mind sharing, in fact, they get out of the way.  Who knew that guinea hens could train the cats?

Guinea hens with cat

They also seem to get along just fine with my dog.  They don’t really hang out together, but they call tolerate each other.  It’s funny to watch 4 guinea hens go strutting past my sleeping dog.

There are many difference colors out there, and many places to find them.  If you start with keets (babies), they can be a little fragile, so take your time and read up on a lot of advice.

As adults, they are very hardy and independent.

Are you wondering if you should get some guineas hens?

I say YES, as along as:

  1. You have a really large private yard. (These guys can and will travel!)
  2. You don’t have any close neighbors. (Can you see any of your neighbors?)
  3. You want to be alerted of any (even slight) concern in your yard by screaming birds.
  4. You don’t mind having a little bird poop on your deck. (Because they will fly up there.)
  5. You are willing to correct all your friends when they say “You have turkeys?” (For real, happens all the time!)

Share your guinea hen stories in the comments below!

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