Seed Catalogs Are Rolling In!

Seed Catalogs Are Rolling In!

Seed Catalogs Are Rolling In!

Is anyone else getting flooded with seed catalogs and emails? I love it! This is one of my favorite times of the year.  Planning.

I LOVE to plan my garden.

I always tend to decide on the same things every year.  I plant tomatoes, pumpkins, cukes, sweetcorn, and some herbs. This year, I might just branch out and try a few news things.

Sweet Corn

I would like to get some blueberry bushes going, try some different squashes, maybe some ornamental corn, and who knows what else!  I also like to add to my flower garden each year.

For tomatoes, I like to plant the traditional ones, but I’ve been branching out into some heirlooms and grape tomatoes.  So much color, so much fun!


At my farmstand, tomatoes sell quickly. Everybody has different tastes, so I like to have a variety available.  A local catering company in town is always looking for fresh vine-ripened tomatoes.  If I’m lucky enough to have too many, I will can them to make sauce during the winter months.

For herbs, I find that basil is pretty easy to grow and quite popular. I also grow thyme, rosemary, and oregano.  I might just add to that this year too!

I only plant pickling cukes. They are my favorite and hard enough to keep up with on their own.

Also this year I would like to try growing some winter squashes. Specifically butternut and acorn.  My customers love these and I have had great luck growing them in the past.

Who doesn’t love to watch the pumpkins growing and ripening?  I will grow both carving pumpkins and pie pumpkins.  If I get crazy, I might grow some of the mini-pumpkins for decorations too.

Soooo much to think about!

Seed Catalogs

My husband has made a new garden area for me this year. Woohoo!  I need to be working on how to lay it all out.  What to grow where and how much space it will need.  There are probably apps out there for that! But, for me, I prefer a paper and pencil.

What will you be growing? Do you have a favorite seed catalog?

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