How My Farmstand FINALLY found a name!

How my farmstand FINALLY found a name!

I started my farmstand several years ago… I was forever searching for name ideas. Googling how-to’s, what makes a good name, how to name your farm, and on and on.

I settled for using the name of the farm I grew up on, because I just couldn’t ever find anything else that felt right.  And yeah, it worked, but it never really felt like it was mine. 

Rosei's Farmstand

Still no name.

This went on for like 6 years. Painful, right? Always wondering, always thinking, always coming up empty handed.

In the meantime, my aunt and uncle were building a new farm.  They were going through the same struggle, just couldn’t come up with a name that felt right.  See, they had subdivided off a chunk of land to build on after selling their old farm.  The piece of lane they kept was up above their old farm.  So during the process, they would always refer to that piece as “Up Top”.

Interestingly enough, my aunt posted on facebook one day asking for suggestions on what to call their farm.  Here was my response to her post:

 “I would keep Up Top. Good names stick and also tend to just happen instead of being picked. Welcome to our Up Top Farm… I’ve been trying to think of a name for our farm where we built the barn and just haven’t been able to get anywhere with it. Lol.”

So why on earth couldn’t I just follow my own advice?

At last, we have a name!

Well, fast forward to the fall of 2016! That is when I met Rosie.  Rosie was a Belgian mule that needed a soft landing. Draft Gratitude, the nonprofit draft horse rescue that I started, was able to take her in.   Well, I fell for her, hook, line, and sinker.  I adopted her from the rescue and she will live our the rest of her life on my farm.

Rosie and Becky

You can read more about Rosie’s story here.

Anyway… Once I made the decision to adopt Rosie, the rest just fell into place. “Rosie’s Farmstand” just felt easy.  Like it was meant to be. 

Next was getting the vision I had for a logo on to paper.  I have a fantastic graphics guy and he was able to just whip up this piece of amazingness:

Rosies Farmstand Logo

From there, Rosie became my business partner.  When I announced that little bit of exciting news to my husband, he barely made a face.  (I’m sure he had a variety of thoughts pass through, but nonetheless he just went with it.)  I’m grateful to have a supportive husband who loves animals as much as I do.

Rosie has a part-time job of visiting with customers now and then from her temporary paddock that is being set up at the farmstand. 

It works.  It all just works.

So if you are struggling with naming your farm or farmstand business, just don’t rush.  It doesn’t have to happen at all once. 

Just keep going.  And then one day, the best name ever will just happen.  You will know it’s the right one, it will fit, it will feel easy, and it will feel like it’s yours.  <3

How did you name your farm?

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