A Mule For A Business Partner

A Mule For A Business Partner

A Mule For A Business Partner?

It seems fitting to have my first blog post introduce Rosie, the namesake of my farmstand.

As a bit of background, I started Draft Gratitude, a non-profit draft horse rescue in the fall of 2014.  Draft Gratitude lives on my farm and saves unwanted draft horses from slaughter.  (This project will require a blog post of its own!)

Anyway, in October of 2016, I received a call from someone attending a horse auction out in New York.  He wanted to know if I could take a Belgian mule.  She was about to go into the auction ring, so I only had about a minute to decide.  I remember worrying about the possibility of her being difficult.  At that time I had VERY limited mule experience, in fact, I had only worked around 2 mules, ever.  One was very nice and easy, the other one was not.

Welcome Rosie!

So a few minutes and $125 later, I had a new mule coming to Draft Gratitude.  Next was the search for someone to haul this Belgian mule from New York to New Hampshire.   Later that night, I heard from a friend that had attended the same auction.  She wondered if I might be taking that mule based on conversation in the auction barn.  My friend had been very worried about the mule because she never even took a step in the auction ring.  She just stood there.  I’m grateful for the phone call I received that night, it saved her life.

Rosie on the trailer

So Rosie arrived, and somehow I knew she wasn’t ever leaving.  And I think she knew that too.

Rosie when she arrived

I personally adopted Rosie from Draft Gratitude and she will live out her days on our farm.

My farmstand hadn’t had its own name in 6 years! Hurray, it’s now called Rosie’s Farmstand.  The farmstand is located on an adjoining piece of property from our barn.  Rosie is able to walk to “work”.  I’m building a little paddock area at the farmstand where she can visit with her customers.

Rosie has some lameness issues so she will never be asked to do any weight bearing work.  She will just visit with customers and be loved on.

Rosie at the farm

Rosie is quite large, moves only at her own pace, and only when she chooses.  But, she is an absolute doll and is part of our family.

Rosie and Becky

Thanks to Rosie, my farmstand finally has an official name! We sell locally grown produce seasonally, including some vegetables and herbs that we grow ourselves.  We also bale hay, and will be planting some Christmas trees soon.

Rosies Farmstand Logo

Rosie has a forever home, and I have a business partner! It works!

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  1. Pamela

    I love it! Conveniently right around the corner and we will be down to get veggies for our catering events!

  2. Jessica

    Meant to be!! Love the Rosie’s Farmstand story! ❤️

  3. Lynn

    A beautiful story! Love it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do ! Rosie thanks you too!😘

  4. Nancy D'Amore

    I had the pleasure of meeting Rosie a little over a year ago and at that visit, I knew she was a special gal! And Becky is special too, for doing all she does to help gentle souls like Rosie and all the others that deserve a soft landing.

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