Rosie’s Recovery

Rosie’s Recovery

Rosie’s Recovery

When Rosie arrived in the fall of 2016, she was in pretty rough shape. She was very thin, was covered with ticks, had over grown hooves, and was sore on her right hind leg.

Rosie when she arrived

She was incredibly sweet right from the very first day.

Rosie made steady improvements. We fed her good quality hay and a high fat grain. We had a fecal egg count done to guide us in a de-worming process. Her count was outrageous, 2700! We also got her feet trimmed and started her on a supplement to help with her joint pain.

Rosie in the field

Rosie always enjoyed roaming the yard when she could be loose. She loved to visit with nearly anyone.

Aside from her lameness, she is very healthy now.

I will be forever thankful for the call I received asking if we could take her. She deserved to have safe landing and a family to love her. As do so many animals out there needing rescue.

Rosie and Cody

Does your family include a rescued animal?

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